About Dr. Sujata Kar

Caressing Women… Nurturing Lives…

It is about Bringing Magic to the World. Dr. Sujata Kar, an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic Gynaec Surgeon and Fertility specialist, carries with her an experience of over 28 years in Miracle defining medical technology and strives with determination to improve the status of women’s health and bring ever-lasting smiles on their faces.she is Best urogynecology doctors in Bhubaneswar Odisha

Patience and perseverance have a Magical effect because they make difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.. says Dr. Sujata Kar.

Stem Cell Treatments

Advanced Stem Cell Treatments with Holistric Wellbeing & Treatment has been started by Dr Sujata Kar for the first time in the Eastern India.

The treatment includes hair regeneration, face & skin rejuvenation, wrinkles & fine line removal, improvement in neck wrinkles, Whole body rejuvenation and stretch mark removal etc.

Profile Overview

The accolades that she has received in her profession are many. As an experienced Endo-ART specialist, to date has done more than 10000 cases of advanced Gynaecologic endoscopic surgery & Assisted Reproduction. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards for her achievements in the field of Gynaec Endoscopy.

Service to mankind is service to God and Dr Sujata Kar Best urogynecology doctors in Bhubaneswar Odisha has truly put this to practice in a profession that demands relentless perseverance and immense strength. An established general gynaecologist and obsteritician practicing at the Kar Clinic, Bhubaneswar, Dr Sujata Kar played a pivotal role in setting up the first IVF centre in Eastern Odisha. A well travelled women, who has been a varsity topper and winner of 7 gold medals in MBBS, is now a name synonymous with infertility treatment in the state and has patients visiting her from the most remote areas.

NICU & Maternal ICU

NICU is one of the best equipped and staffed units in Bhubaneswar

Epidural Analgesia

With advent of modern medicine and availability of techniques


Implementation of a number of innovative techniques for the


24 hr discharges for major surgeries like hysterectomies
  • Consultant Gyn. & Obs. at Kar Clinic & IVF Centre for last 28 yrs.
  • Endo-ART specialist. Practicing advanced Gynaecologic endoscopic surgery & Assisted Reproduction.
  • Running full fledged Assisted Reproduction unit for last 18 yrs. Credited with the First IVF ,First ICSI baby of Eastern Orissa, Ist Cryopreserved baby, Ist Assisted laser hatching pregnancy & live birth of Orissa, & 1st IVF triplet of Orissa.
  • Lecturer “Kasturba Medical College” Manipal Karnataka
  • Ultra Sonography training KMC, Manipal
  • Gynacological Endoscopy training, Kolkata
  • ART Training IRM Kolkata under Prof. B N Chakraborty
  • Visiting fellow IVF and ICSI programme. Harley Street Fertility Center, London, UK
  • Visiting fellow and training in Assisted Reproduction Endoscopy & Inter-ventional Ultrasound, CRM (Center for Reproductive Medicine) Brussels; Belgium under Prof. Paul Devroey
  • Certified training in advanced 3D & 4D sonography
  • 1986 : “Best Graduate” 1986 final MBBS Batch SCB Medical College, Cuttack
  • 1986 : Seven Gold Medals in Final MBBS. Gynaec & Obs., Surgery, Medicine
  • 1984 : Honours in Pathology & Microbiology
  • 1983 : Honours in Forensic Medicine & Pharmacology
  • 1982 : Honours in physiology
  • Presented papers in many national & international conferences
  • Invited lectures & guest lectures in number of national & international conferences
  • Orissa Obs. & Gyn. Society
  • Life Member Federation of Obs. & Gyn. Societies of India
  • Life Member Indian Association of Gynaecological endoscopists
  • Life Member Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction
  • Life Member ISGE (International Society of Gynaecologic Endoscopists)
  • Member ASRM (American Society of Assisted Reproduction)
  • Life member “ASPIRE”


Patience and perseverance Have a magical effect Because they make difficulties disappear And obstacle vanish

Feto-maternal medicine
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IVF centre

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